Elizabeth GODSON


Abt 1781 - 19 May 1864

Family 1 : John GILKES
  1. +Charlotte GILKES
  2.  Sarah GILKES
  3.  John GILKES
  4. +Ann GILKES

Family Tree index of persons

[104] Living Pickard Street, Warwick 1851 census. Receives relief
from charity
with daughter Sarah Watts aged 47,visit Thomas Arnold from
Middleton, Oxford aged 19 and George Briggs aged6 born St
Nicholas Warwick

Living 19 Pickard Street, Warwick, 1861 census Millers
widow with John Howard Smith Grandson aged 17 Labourer

1841 census
Pickard Street,1,Elizabeth Gilks,,50,Beer Seller,WAR, ,,Ann
Smith,,30,,WAR, ,,Thomas Bardlam,9,,,WAR, ,,Charlotte
Bardlam,,12,,WAR, ,,Edward Smith,4,,,WAR,

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