Collingwood WILSON


1878 Dec Qtr - 15 Oct 1941

Father: Collingwood WILSON
Mother: Christiana Maria BANDOR

Family 1 : Georgiana Johnson MATHEWS

                            _Isaac WILSON _______|
                           | (1806 - ....)       |
                           |                     |   __
                           |                     |  |  
                           |                     |__|__
 _Collingwood WILSON ______|
|  m 1862                  |
|                          |                         __
|                          |                        |  
|                          |                      __|__
|                          |                     |     
|                          |_Ann PARRATT ________|
|                            (1811 - ....)       |
|                                                |   __
|                                                |  |  
|                                                |__|__
|--Collingwood WILSON 
|  (.... - 1941)
|                                                    __
|                                                   |  
|                                                 __|__
|                                                |     
|                           _____________________|
|                          |                     |
|                          |                     |   __
|                          |                     |  |  
|                          |                     |__|__
|                          |                           
|_Christiana Maria BANDOR _|
   m 1862                  |
                           |                         __
                           |                        |  
                           |                      __|__
                           |                     |     
                                                 |   __
                                                 |  |  

Family Tree index of persons

[348] Also a pub in Shaftesbury Avenue.
No children.
Georgina's husband Collingwood Wilson was burnt to death after falling asleep smoking.
He was known as Collie.
They were publicans - at The Peacock Arms at 7 High Street, Homerton
Publican at Peacock 1909 to 1939.

1911 census at Peacock with wife, Mathews and George Hogg (barman).
also had a pub in Shaftesbury Avenue, London.
Birth 1878 Rochford Dec Qtr ref 4a/317.
Other pubs - Steam Packet (Nine Elms), Punch Tavern (Fleet
Street), Bowyer Arms, Duke of York.

1921 At Lord Whitworth, 37 Charles Street, Woolwich
Steam Packet Tavern, 2 Everett Street, Battersea - no info.
Punch Tavern (Fleet Street) no info.

1934 Rose & Crown, 68 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey SE16 /Kellys
1938 Bowyer Arms Hotel maybe located at 68 Manor Street, Clapham (now the Bread and Roses) PO record?

Malcolm's notes - It was in fact Arthur Mathews who ran the Sun Hotel in Plumpton, East Sussex; his brother Albert ran the Duke of Wellington in Acre Lane, Brixton (see photos) and their sister  Georgiana (I believe this is the correct spelling) and Collingwood Wilson the Peacock, Homerton. 

Meg Carter

"Whilst staying at The Bowyer Arms, my Mother Josephine, Colly's Neice, opened the door of a room and, found uncle Colly in flames in his chair. My Father was granted compasionate leave from the army because mum was so traumatised. In uncle Colly's will Georgie is named as Georgiana Johnson Wilson, yet you refer to her as Georgina and say her maiden name was Mathews.  Do you know where the Johnson came from?

The photograph's I e-mailed you of Colly's sisters Imogen and Agnes Julia are, I think, beautiful and the one you have on your site of Colly and Georgie is also wonderfull.
I am sure that there must be further photographs of Honor, the eldest sister who married Edward Fisher, and of Thomas Pilgrim Wilson
(didn't they all have wonderful names), the eldest son.  It is my quest at the moment to try and track down the Fisher's and see if anyone has a photograph.
In the 1901 census the Fishers were living at 75 Morning Lane Bethnal Green, my grandfather, Joseph Dawson (unmarried at the time but married later that year),  was a lodger with them, and at 143 Morning Lane was Christiana Maria Wilson,  Honor. Agnes Julia and Collingwood's Mother and Joseph Dawsons future Mother in Law. This address was the Lord Nelson public house. 

Uncle Colly owned several pubs in London.  My Mother seemed to think that he had something to do with the Punch Tavern in Fleet Street, at least mother used to work there,  he had the Duke of York, The Steam Packet and the Bowyer Arms.  I think I told you that Both my Mother's and my Fathers parents died in the 1918 flu epidemic.  My parents both went to the same orphanage in Ongar,  Uncle Colly offered to set Aunt Em' up in business if she would take on mum and her brother's and sisters and this she did.  Colly bought her the Steam Packet in Nine Elms and imogen took on the five children and bought them up as her own..Imogen did not have children of her own.

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